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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Pubic Schools in Montana are overfunded: O
2. Pubic Schools in Montana are underfunded: O
3. Pubic Schools in Montana are adequately funded: S
4. Parental choice in education should be expanded through tax credits, education savings accounts, vouchers, and other means to allow children to attend any school of their or their parents choice: -
5. Montana should allow public charter schools: S
6. Parents should be allowed to home school their children without additional state regulation: O
7. The teaching of "Critical Race Theory" (CRT) should be banned in Montana public schools: S
8. Comprehensive sex education, beginning as early as kindergarten, should be allowed in public elementary schools: O* I do believe public schools in my district are adequately funded for operational costs. In a recent Helena IR article the superintendent was concerned about sustainable salaries for some administrative positions. I think the better question is: is the current public school funding appropriately utilized? Note the following article: I left the box blank regarding additional tax credits and ESAs for private school. The 2021 legislature authorized significantly more money in the form of tax credits for private school tuition. That money was subscribed in minutes, mostly by one school district. While I believe that legislative action was positive, I do believe the current process needs some attention to disperse that funding in a broader manner. As for home schools. There should be some set standard for this education. I know some children that have been home schooled and they are well educated, excelled in post secondary education and have successful adult lives. I also know some that were home schooled and have issues.
9. Income taxes in Montana are too high: S
10. Property taxes in Montana are too high: S
11. Corporate taxes in Montana are too high: S
12. The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows all citizens to own firearms for self-protection: SS
13. Global warming is a problem requiring increased regulation: O
14. Environmental regulations in Montana are too stringent: S
15. Environmental regulations in Montana are NOT stringent enough: SO* Montana has gotten itself into an interesting tax situation. I think the income tax levels need scrutiny to make sure they still reflect current needs. As for property taxes, which have certainly increased in my subdivision. Many of those increases are a direct result in water, sewer and road upgrades in our own subdivision. From a state perspective, property taxes that go to the State are 107 mils. 101 mils go to statewide education equalization and 6 mils for the university system across Montana. Recently the 6 mils university levy was approved by a majority of Montana voters. The remainder of those property taxes support local government including three new schools, and an enhanced county detention operation ( in Helena). These taxes were approved by a majority of voters. I note that in Helena we have a school board election in the coming weeks that includes increased operational levies. Notoriously, these elections do not receive high vote numbers. I encourage voters, especially those concerned about property taxes, to make sure and vote. As for environmental regulations, Montana has some stringent regulations, many of which can not be reduced because federal law prohibits easing ( called back sliding). I certainly want clean water and clean air, but some restrictions are too stringent. The current work on new regulations for nutrients ( nitrogen and phosphorous) that are being discussed now is a case in point. Placing numeric criteria that can not be met with current technology regardless of cost, without a built in relief, is foolish. This rule, depending on the how it is passed, would increase water related costs for anyone living in a city with a water treatment facility, and still not meet the standard. Furthermore, there are environmental activists who would like those rules to be applied to treatment ponds and other smaller operations ( including septic systems), which would then effect all Montanans
16. Montanans should not be discriminated against or treated differently because of their vaccine status: SS
17. Doctor assisted suicide should be legal in Montana: O
18. Abortion should be banned in ALL stages of pregnancy: S
19. Abortion should be banned during all stages of pregnancy, with the exceptions for rape and incest: S
20. Abortion should be banned only after a heartbeat is detected (around 6 weeks): S
21. Abortion should be banned only after the first trimester (12 weeks): S
22. Abortion should be banned only when a fetus becomes viable outside the womb (20 weeks): S
23. Abortion should be banned only after the 2nd trimester (28 weeks): S
24. Abortion should never be banned, not at any stage of pregnancy: O
25. The Montana Constitution should be amended to ban abortion: S
26. Infanticide (infants born alive with physical abnormalities, including infants born as a result of a botched abortion) should be banned in Montana. S
27. Companies and individuals should be allowed to opt-out of the abortion related mandates contained in Obamacare: S* I believe in life and I have said that on campaign material. Every week at Church, we offer "prayers of the faithful", on several topics. And I agree with that prayer. I do believe that issues tied to abortion when the mother's life is endangered or the baby is in such a condition to be severely disabled for life are very difficult. It is very hard to think how I would vote on such issues without seeing the actual language in the bill. That said, supporting the sanctity of life from conception to natural death would include life after birth. That becomes an entire new discussion on other life measures. NOTE: I am opposed to assisted suicide. I have spent quite a bit of time on this survey and every time I come back to this page my answer says support. There might be a glitch on that one.
28. Transgender athletes should be allowed to compete against athletes of the opposite sex: O
29. Doctors should be banned from performing sex-change procedures on minors: S
30. Homosexuals and transgender people should be allowed to adopt children: S
31. Non-discrimination laws should be expanded to protect sexual orientation and gender identity in the same way that race, creed, nationality, and religion are protected: O
32. Montana’s marriage laws should be changed to reflect the recent legalization of same-sex marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court: S* The question regarding discrimination sexual orientation and gender identity is difficult in that I don't support discrimination. If however in that question you are asking if it is all right for students to use multi-person bathrooms because they identify with a different sex that what they are biologically given, then I am opposed. Also, I do not believe a person should be denied a job because of their sexual orientation. When it comes to marriage; a Church should be able to determine what couples they marry, and what couples they don't. That is a Church's prerogative. If they want to be married for secular reasons, like by a public official for secular reasons, and US Supreme Court allows that-- then fine.