Scott, Dustin

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Running For:
State House of Representatives
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(406) 616-3771


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  • SSStrongly Supports
  • SSupports
  • OOpposes
  • SOStrongly Opposes
  • *Comment
  • Declined to respond
  • Declined to respond, Position based on citation

Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Public Schools in Montana are overfunded: S
2. Public Schools in Montana are underfunded: O
3. Public Schools in Montana are adequately funded: O
4. Parental choice in education should be expanded through tax credits, education savings accounts, vouchers, and other means to allow children to attend any school of their or their parents choice: SS
5. Parents should be allowed to home school their children without additional state regulation: SS
6. The teaching of "Critical Race Theory" (CRT) should be banned in Montana public schools: SS
7. Comprehensive sex education, beginning as early as kindergarten, should be allowed in public elementary schools: SS* Education is what enables the future, we can not allow these children to be brainwashed and tainted with farcical ideologies! School Choice and Homeschooling is the best way to ensure that our community has the power to raise and educated children the way they ought to be educated, by the parents!
8. Income taxes in Montana are too high: SS
9. Property taxes in Montana are too high: SS
10. Corporate taxes in Montana are too high: SS
11. The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows all citizens to own firearms for self-protection: SS
12. Climate Change is a problem requiring increased regulation: SO
13. Environmental regulations in Montana are too stringent: SS
14. Environmental regulations in Montana are NOT stringent enough: SO* The budget has gotten out of control, and it's being forced on the people for doing nothing but living their lives. Taxes and Regulations have gotten too far out of hand. It's time to stand up and fight for Montana
15. Montanans should not be discriminated against or treated differently because of their vaccine status: SS* Vaccine Mandates are 100% unconstitutional. Medical freedom is an extremely important aspect in America. Montanans should be able to choose whether or not they want access to a vaccine, without being ostracized and slandered by their peers.
16. Doctor assisted suicide should be legal in Montana: SO
17. Abortion should be banned in ALL stages of pregnancy: SS
18. Abortion should be banned during all stages of pregnancy, with the exceptions for rape and incest: SO
19. Abortion should be banned only after a heartbeat is detected (around 6 weeks): SO
20. Abortion should be banned only after the first trimester (12 weeks): SO
21. Abortion should be banned only when a fetus becomes viable outside the womb (20 weeks): SO
22. Abortion should be banned only after the 2nd trimester (28 weeks): SO
23. Abortion should never be banned, not at any stage of pregnancy: SO
24. The Montana Constitution should be amended to allow abortion: SO
25. Infanticide (the killing of infants born alive with physical abnormalities, including infants born as a result of a botched abortion) should be banned in Montana. SS
26. Companies and individuals should be allowed to opt-out of the abortion related mandates contained in Obamacare: SS* Life begins at conception. There is a Creator that loves that Child more than any Human Being could ever begin to dream of comprehending, and robbing that person of their life is wrong, especially when done for convenience's sake. I also believe that even a life created from a traumatic event is still a life. The only time abortions should ever be considered is if the Child will be stillborn at birth, or if the Mother is going to die from the birth.
27. Transgender athletes should be allowed to compete against athletes of the opposite sex: SO
28. Doctors should be banned from performing sex-change procedures on minors: SS
29. Homosexuals and transgender people should be allowed to adopt children: SO
30. Non-discrimination laws should be expanded to protect sexual orientation and gender identity in the same way that race, creed, nationality, and religion are protected: SO
31. Montana’s marriage laws should be changed to reflect the legalization of same-sex marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court: SO* The idea of changing your sexual orientation and/or gender identity is a mind virus. It is extremely infectious, and life threatening. People need to feel comfortable in their own skin and with their own decisions, and this new fad does the opposite of both. It offloads the responsibility and accountability of being yourself in the name of ease and selfishness. People are amazing, and I wish more of them realized that. You can be your best self, without faking who you really are. You are loved, not for who you think you are, but who you really are!